Pennamma Chirayil W/o Kuttappan Illickal

Pennamma Chirayil W/o Kuttappan Illickal

Pennamma was the daughteer of Pachi Uthup Chirayil, Kuruppanthara and Mariam Chacko, Mutholath, Cherpunkal.

Pennamma married Kuttappan son of Punnoose from Illickal family in Mrala, Thodupuzha.

Children of Pennamma Chirayil and Kuttappan Illickal are Laila, Babu, Rajan, Tomy, Peter, Benny, Saina, and Shibu.

i. LAILA married Jose from Thamarakkad in Amanakara.

ii. BABU married Elsamma. Their children are Tintu, Punnoose, and Mary.

iii. RAJAN married Shirley from Thayil family in Koodalloor.

iv. TOMY married Mini from Muttom.

v. PETER married Ancy from Nattassery. Their children are Jibu, Meera, and Chinnu.

vi. BENNY married Beena from Kunnappallil family in Chunkom, Thodupuzha. Their children are Bony and Tony.

vii. SAINA married Jomy from Pulickal family in Koodalloor.

viii. SHIBU married Sonia from Uzhavoor. Their son is Appose.

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