K.T. Mathew Kottoor S/o Thomman and Aley Kottoor

K.T. Mathew Kottoor S/o Thomman and Aley Kottoor

K.T. Mathew was the son of Thomman Kottoor, Kidangoor and Aley Chacko Mutholath, Cherpunkal. He passed B.A. degree from St. Xaviour’s College Palayamkot on July 29, 1922. He was headmaster of schools, principal of Teachers’ Traininig College, Ettumanoor, Assistant Educational Officer, President of Kidangoor Cooperative Bank, and member of Pastoral Council of the Diocese of Kottayam.

He married Aleykutty daughter of Kurivilla and Aley, Chettiath, Koodalloor. She was a schoolteacher in Kidangoor and president of Knanaya Catholic Women’s Association of the Diocese of Kottayam.

Children of Mathew Kottoor and Aleykutty Chettiah are:


Thomasukutty, the eldest son of Mathew Kottoor and Aleykkutty Chettiath was born in March 1949. He became a priest in the Diocese of Kottayam. His ordination was on March 18, 1972 in Rome. He served as secretary to the Bishop of Kottayam and Chancellor of the Diocese of Kottayam. He was professor at B.C.M. College Kottayam. He is writer of many books and has published articles and stories in periodicals.

ii. CYRIAC Mathew Kottoor

Cyriac married Ancy, daughter of Yaakob from Vellappally Family in Peroor. His children are Mathew, Jacob, and Elizabeth.

iii. LILLY Sajan Kunnath, Paingalam.

Lilly married Sajan son of Kuriako from Kunnath family in Paingalam. Their children are Stanley, Shelly and Julie.

iv. JOSE M. Kottoor

Jose also know as Sunny was born in November 1954 in Kottoor family at Kidangoor. He is Physical Therapist in USA. He married Mini, daughter of Simon from Pachikkara family in Chumkon. Their marriage was on January 15, 1984. Their children are Reshmie, Zubin, and Sandeep.

v. SIMON M. Kottoor

Simon also known as Soman is a social worker. He married Elizabeth daughter of (Calcutta) Joseph from Perumyalil family in Kottayam. Their children are Arun and Tony.

Simon Kottoor is the founder of Sunshine Residential Homes, which provides care for children in Arizona. Since its inception in 1996, Sunshine Residential Homes has provided care for 25,000 children in Arizona. Simon Kottoor is also the Chief Executive Officer of Sunshine Residential Homes.

vi. JESSY Thomas Maliekal

Jessy is a civil engineer. She married Thomas Maliekal. Their children Ponnu and Minnu.

vii. ALEX M. Kottoor

Alex was born in AprilĀ  1964 in Kottoor family at Kidangoor. He married Shanty daughter of John from Kadavil family at Punnathura on December 14, 1992 at St. Mary’s Forane Church, Kidangoor. Their children are Thara and Rupa.

viii. SABU M. Kottoor

Sabu was born on March 14, 1967 in Kottoor family at Kidangoor. He married Judy, daughter of Joseph Karukakkuttiyil. Their marriage was held on December 24, 1992 at St. Mary’s Forane Church, Kidangoor.



K.T. Mathew and Aleykutty (Chettiath) Kottoor and family

Simon Kottoor and his projects taken on November 4 to 6, 2021.

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