Chinna Mutholath W/o Kochoop (Joseph) Vettikkattu

Chinna Mutholath W/o Kochoop (Joseph) Vettikkattu

Chinna was the daughter of Uppai Kulappurath (Mutholath), Cherpunkal and Aley Nalliveettil, Punnathura. She was born in November, 1930 at Cherpunkal Kulappurath house in the Mutholath family.

She married Kochoop (Joseph) son of Korah from Vettikkattu family in Neendoor. He was born in August, 1922 in Neendoor, Vettikkattu House.

Kochoop died on December 08, 2000 in a hospital. His funeral was held on December 13, 2000, at Neendoor St. Michael’s Church. Bishop Mar Mathew Moolakkattu officitated the funeral service at home, and Bishop Mar Kuriakose Kunnacherry officiated the final service. His son Fr. Michael Vettikkatt was the main celebrant of all other functions.

Children of Chinna Kulappurath and Joseph Vettikkatt are George, Mercy, Sr. Liza SJC, Sr. Sameena SJC, Mathews, Maria, Fr. Michael Vettikkattu, and James.



Chinna (Mutholath) and Kochoop (Joseph) Vettikkatt

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