Annamma Kalladanthiyil W/o Kuttappan (Chacko) Mutholath

Annamma Kalladanthiyil W/o Kuttappan (Chacko) Mutholath

Annamma was the daughter of Kuriakko Kalladanthiyil, Neendoor. She married Kuttappan (Chacko) son of Kurian Mutholath, Cherpunkal on October 17, 1948.

Annamma had completed Middle School. At her later stage, she lived with her sons in Orland Park, Illinois. She has been a devoted housewife and inspiration to all her family members.

Children of Kuttappan (Chacko) Mutholath and Annamma Kalladanthiyil are:

1. Mercy, born in 1951.

2. Kunjumol, born in 1954. She married Tom (Tomy) Lukose Pathyil in 1956.

3. Sunny, born in 1960. He married Molly John Padappanmakil in 1963.

4. Sabu, born in 1963. He married Sheeba Stephen Puthenpurayil in 1969.

5. Merly, born in 1967. She married Philip Mathai Madathilett in 1966.



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Interview of Annamma Chacko Mutholath (Kureekunnel) Cherpunkal by Fr. A. Mutholath on Nov 1, 2015.

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