Daisy Mutholath W/o Simon Muriyamyalil

Daisy Mutholath W/o Simon Muriyamyalil

Daisy, daughter of Kunjeppu (Joseph) Mutholath and Mariachy Luka Thookkumkottil was born in December 1956 in Mutholath family at Cherpunkal.

She married Simon, son of Maniyankutty Muriyamyalil on April 09, 1978 in St. Mary’s Forane Church, Kattachira. Simon was born in 1956 in Muriyamyalil family at Kattachira.

Children of Daisy and Simon are:

1. Smitha born in August 1979.
2. Sanish born in April 1989.
3. Soumya born in February 1983.



Daisy Mutholath and Simon Muriyamyalil

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